This Page is dedicated to all my furry family members who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I Love you all.

Missy 1987-2002

Practically left on our doorstep, this quirky little mix-breed lived a long and fufilling life as my family's first dog. She will always be remembered as our picky, yet loving little mutt.

Cinnamon 1993-2000

My first real leap into pet ownership Cinnamon was a truely remarkable guinea pig. Kind and gentle, this little girl will forever be remembered for her unique love of watermelon and corn, and hour long snuggle sessions curled on my chest, her head under my chin.

Prince Sapphire Cinnamon (Sophie) 1999-2004

The first ferret I ever raised, Sophie (renamed Prince Sapphire after a nieve ferret owner's moment) had a charmingly defient attitude that remained with him even in the grip of a terminal illness. His courage and strength will live forever in my memories.

Mystical Spellcaster of Legend (Merlyn) 2002-2005

My first stride into rat ownership, Merlyn was under my care since he was weaned at five weeks old. Sadly, he developed a large and extensive tumor and had to be put to sleep. Merlyn was a truely affectionate character who loved meeting new people and giving kissies and for that he will be missed.

Excalibur (Cali) 2003-2005

In my efforts to find a cagemate and buddy for Merlyn this little fellow caught my eye in a petstore and I fell in love on the spot. Unfortunately after Merlyn passed away Cali was never the same. Unaccepting of other rats and lonely for his departed friend, Cali grew gravely ill and eventually he too had to be put down. I can only hope this shy little soul has found peace alongside his beloved brother.

Dacoda Rocket (Cody) 2001-2007

He was the last of my Marshallís kits. Along with elder brother Sophie, Cody was one of the original pair I raised since they were tiny babies wondering about in a Petco display. Though a scrawny slip-of-a-thing he had no trouble leaping into my waiting hands or showing off his cute little white knees. Even from the start he was a firecracker, always wanting to play and make everyone laugh. He was also the first to get into trouble. It didnít matter if it was falling down into the ventilation shaft or ripping up my carpet to the floorboards. If it got mommy worked up then he was all for it. Sadly, despite his strong spirit illness and old age finally broke my little man's body and I was forced to let him go. Soar high Cody and know that my heart will always miss your mischievous spirit.

Miss Silk and Black Velvet 2005-2007

Adopted as a graduation present to myself, Silk (left) and Velvet (right) are a pair of sisters originally from a litter of eight. Although they are my second duo of ratties, Silk and Velvet are the first females I've ever raised, and so there is still a learning curve. Inherently cautious, these little girls are always shy at first, however they usually emerge given the right incentive.

Dakota Duo (Kato) ????-2008

I adopted this handsome boy from the Pennsylvania Ferret club and Shelter and he quickly made himself right at home. Dispite being found as a stray on the streets, not much phased this easy-going boy. Sadly, age and illness gradually took their toll on my sweet old man and he left to join his beloved brother Cody at the bridge.

Willow ????-2007

She was the rat nobody wanted. After being abandoned at a Petco store she was displayed for weeks as a free adoption. But to no avail. Noone was willing to give the little stray the love and care she deserved. Eventually one of the employees, who was also a friend of mine, sent me her picture and I melted on the spot. Trust was a slow work in progress but despite her rough start I believe Willow found peace and happiness in her forever home.

Foxridge Lady Liberty (Libby) 1995-2008

Libby is an English yellow lab (a bit shorter in stature then the American version). She was a wonderful family companion for twelve years strong. Her good nature and unexplainable love of socks and toilet paper roles and will not be forgotten.