Here you will find a collection of my character art, as well as some illustrations that other people have done for me of my characters.

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Original Characters and Fanart


The sailor scout of animals and nature. Coloring by Katrina
My Original Yu-Gi-Oh character portrayed in a very Kaiba-esque outfit just for fun.

Shura, daughter of Sesshomaru

Matyeo, dragon rular of the Northlands
Different transformation phases and illistration of her sword.
A profile of his different transformation phases.

Sesshomaru's heir

Dragon King
Shura fully transformed.
Matyeo fully transformed.

Bonded for Life

In the Heat of Battle
I couldn't draw this again even if I wanted.
Shura and Matyeo's demonic instincts and deep seeded feelings almost get the batter of them.

Shura & Ukuri

For you Alone
The orphaned wolf-dragon Ukuri sits faitfully by his rescuer and best friend.
Shura and Matyeo in a lovers embrace.

A Fangirl's Delight

The Younger Days
Don't ask, just drool...
Shura sits proudlly atop her beloved "Pappa's" shoulders.

Like Father Like Daughter

Dogs of the Western Lands
She inherited more then just his looks.
The legacy continues.

The Dragon Soul Alchemist

From the Ashes
Naomi Raiker, AKA "Phoenix" is a character based off the series Full Metal Alchemist.
The key lies on her shoulders, to the epic stone that glows red as blood.

Artist Renderings

Blaze, illustrated by Amy.

Shura by Lillian Chen.
Check out more of her work at Amy's Art
Commission done during Otokan 04 .

Shura, By Kassie.

Matyeo, By gs. Mugetsu.
Sketch of Shura drawn by an inspired fan. Thanks Kassie!
Commission done during Katsukan 07.